Medical Information onWeb


I do not limit myself only to my medical practice. I always have
believed that all-round education is important for growth. This is
why I did not limit my interests to the medical profession alone. Of course, I chose to pursue my interests in geriatrics and did a post-graduate degree in the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

I have been practicing for five years now, and during this run, have acquired an understanding of the importance of free information flow
in the medical profession. This led me to explore the online option for transfer and display of information. To initiate this information dissemination continuum, I decided to conduct research to determine
the awareness levels of diabetic complications among patients. This,
and my other initiatives, has helped me extend the boundaries of my profession.

I have always been a team player. Participating in team activities has helped hone my interpersonal skills, and take my interests in
management further. I am also comfortable with interacting with
people across all levels, and have been able to convey my thoughts
with clarity, through the written medium. I have put my knowledge of Information Technology to use to start Your Practice Online, an
initiative to urge medical professionals to obtain an online identity.
My knowledge of data skills analysis, and working with various
Microsoft programs keeps evolving by the day.