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I am your regular sports freak. Like every good Indian, I wield the
willow, and am crazy about cricket, but that's not it.
Check this out:

Squash: I was the AMCO cup champion three times in a row.
I now play 'A' Grade for University of New South Wales. I have
also been 'B' Grade runner-up and winner of the University open
in the year 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Cricket: My interest in cricket started when I played with my
friends on the streets of Bangalore. I am sure that sounds like
the story of millions of other cricket junkies. But wait, I have
something that will make most of you out there jealous. I have
played cricket with Rahul Dravid! It is a different matter that he
wields the bat, and I, a scalpel and a mouse! I now play 'A'
grade cricket for Manly Civic Cricket Club. Have a look at my

Batting at the No. 3 position, I acquired the second best average
of 38.40 for the season 1999-2000 and had the highest innings
score of 158 against Balgowlah for the year 2000-2001.